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The Forkleaf Project

Aboriginal Fashion with the Forkleaf Project was showcased during the London Pacific Fashion Collective on the 13th/15th September 2017. Never before have you witnessed a collection from Established Aboriginal Artists/Designers during LONDON FASHION WEEK.  

On the 15th of September; LPFC featured it’s very first Aboriginal Collection from central Australia promoting our Aboriginal Artists of WARLUKURLANGU 2017.

The Forkleaf Project is a Fashion label created by Ms Stewart and Ms McMillan in 2013. Both Founders have continued their key roles in supporting Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike in the Arts and Fashion world.

Uendumu is a town in the Northern Territory of Australia. It ranks as one of the larger remote communities in central Australia and has a thriving community of Aboriginal artists.

The Forkleaft Project will feature a collection by 5 Warlukurlangu Artists.

  •     Karen Barens
  •     Alma Ganites
  •     Steven Nelson
  •     Maudie Morris
  •     Anthen Granites

From Emu prints to the story of the Seven Sisters.  London is ready to be enticed with the colours of Central Australia.

The Forkleaf Project recently showcased their collection at the #Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2017.

for tickets to the 15th September Fashion show.
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Pania Greenaway

Rusiate Lali

Rusiate is one of the most exciting and provocative artists to exhibit at Gallery Gondwana, coming from a long lineage of potters, carvers, tapa cloth and fibre artists. In 1999 he was named 'Contemporary Fijian Artist of the Year' - his work being a sensuous mix of past and present, myth
and reality.

 With both solo and group exhibitions here in Australia and overseas, including his home country Fiji, his work continues to grow, evolve and surprise.
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Rusiate Lali
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